The pleasure

is in the taste!

“La Joie de Vivre”

A family tradition.

In the Bonicelli family, the pleasure of conviviality and the “JOIE DE VIVRE” have always been a real passion.

They loved to invite friends to spend happy and carefree evenings in good company.

Between chatting, dancing and was customary to sip homemade liqueurs and spirits with a unique and special taste.


An original


From generation to generation, the Bonicelli family has handed down the tradition and pleasure of conviviality until today. It is precisely thanks to Pellegrino Bonicelli’s great passion that B69’s secret recipe was born, to create an excellent wild fruit liqueur, rich in healthy properties and characterised by a fine and intriguing taste.

For the production of B69, the fruit is harvested and left to infuse in alcohol, as was done 100 years ago. Then, the liqueur is left aging with spices characterised by refined and rare aromas, following the traditional method.

B69’s red, warm and passionate color is completely natural and free from added dyes, hence its name “Ruby of Emilia-Romagna”.

How, when…

and wherever you want.

B69 is ideal if used to make creative and original Cocktails, Aperitifs and Long Drinks.

It is excellent as a digestif, and as a meditation liqueur. B69 will make your moments unforgettable.

How to enjoy the best of B69

  • Rocks glass: take B69 straight or with ice and Sicilian lemon zest.
  • Highball glass: mix B69 with sparkling white wine Charmat method or traditional method, to your taste.
  • 69 “Pastis”: first, pour 1/4 of B69 into the glass, then add the remaining 3/4 of cold still or sparkling water, and three ice cubes.
  • 69 “Summer”: take B69 straight and serve it at -20 degrees Celsius.

When to taste it

B69 is really original as an aperitif, and truly unique if consumed at the end of a meal.


What people say about B69

Let yourself be

tempted by B.69

B69 will charm you with the warm and enveloping notes of its elegant natural taste that will catch your eye through its bright red reflections and antique rose on the glass. The drink has a crisp scent of aromatic flavors, characterised by fleshy and fine red notes, that faintly recall medicinal herbs and leave a taste of plum and wild berries dew at the end.

B69 has a dynamic, silky mouthfeel, with an initial taste of strawberry and sour cherry, that ends with a fresh and pleasant alcoholic flavor.


To access B69 website you must be of legal drinking age or older in your country of access.